Quiver Tree Capital specializes in solving Ownership and other empowerment related challenges for its clients.

Many foreign companies see empowerment as an additional cost of doing business in South Africa. However, if intelligently implemented, empowerment can be transformed into a real competitive advantage. Quiver Tree Capital turns the empowerment regulation into a powerful ally of its clients’ businesses.

For companies operating in South Africa, being majority black owned is both a qualitative and a quantitative advantage. Parastatal, municipal, and other large companies frequently make majority black ownership a prerequisite of their procurement process and consequently of doing business with them.

Quiver Tree Capital considers ownership as it appears in both Ownership and Preferential Procurement. By implementing the targets contained in the Preferential Procurement scorecard, Quiver Tree’s clients achieve majority black ownership and more than 30% black woman ownership. In some cases, this allows clients to provide their customers with many times the number of Preferential Procurement points that they currently do.

Quiver Tree Capital delivers 51% Black Ownership in a way that has proven palatable to foreign shareholders in terms of both cost and control. Unlike many traditional ownership structures, Quiver Tree Capital’s solutions deliver meaningful transformation to the empowerment partners.

A service of particular value to foreign companies is the provision of empowerment partners to participate in ownership structures. Quiver Tree Capital has well established working relationships with a range of empowerment partners.

Quiver Tree’s principals, Mark Gemmill and Lawrence Roff, are ex investment bankers who understand the imperatives of business. Their clients include multi-national corporations, listed companies and family owned businesses. They have implemented a substantial number of empowerment related corporate structures over the last years.

Quiver Tree Capital was established in 2013 and is a majority black owned, 30.8% black woman owned, Level 2 Exempted Micro Enterprise.

Contact details:

Lawrence Roff                   :               lawrenceroff@quivertreecapital.co.za

Mark Gemmill                  :               markgemmill@quivertreecapital.co.za 

Office                                   :               011 073 1730

Info Email                          :               info@quivertreecapital.co.za

Physical Address              :               Ground Floor, Building 27, The Woodlands Office Park, Woodlands                                                          Drive, Woodmead

Web Address                    :               https://quivertreecapital.co.za/ 



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