Oct-2018: Members’ Business Briefing on the topic of adapting to create high performance cultures

Event date: 18 October 2018

This past Thursday evening was our final Johannesburg Business Brief for the year – how it has flown by! Chairman of our Board Mel Brooks was a fabulous MC, and Sterling member Discovery sponsored – many thanks to both!

Our speaker Femi Adebanji gave a hugely enjoyable and energetic talk – just the motivation we all needed at this stage of the year. Using examples from the corporate world and everyday life, Femi demonstrated how survival is driven by the extent to which we, the individual or business, can adapt. In fact, the more willingly, rapidly and effectively we can adapt, the better. Sometimes, this may entail having to “self-destruct” in a way. Adaptability is no longer an option, it is imperative for survival, and complacency is a most dangerous mindset. Finally, the below summed up the key message:

We must build a business around what our customers want, not the other way around. Because our customers have other options. We must allow outsiders to challenge our world view.

Femi Adebanji



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