Jun-2017 Briefing: Nigel Casey, new British High Commissioner to South Africa

Event date: 22 June 2017

Johannesburg based Chamber members had the opportunity to meet the new British High Commissioner to South Africa – Mr. Nigel Casey CMG MVO – at the monthly Business Briefing held at Inanda Club. He spoke on the topic: ‘The UK and South Africa: What Next?’

Members braved the chilly early winter conditions to hear Mr.Casey address numerous relevant issues facing both South Africa and the UK at this particular time and how these influence the UK-SA bilateral relationship.

Mr. Casey, who was based in Johannesburg during 1994 – 1995, reminded attendees that during that critical time in SA’s history a peaceful transition and prosperous future seemed impossible to many, but that South Africa and its people showed their resilience and achieved something beyond expectation. It is in this spirit that Britain remains deeply invested (with more than a third of foreign investment in SA coming from the UK) and committed for the long term to see South Africa prosper. Today, South Africa still has in place some of the key building blocks for a stable and successful society.

Mr. Casey also reiterated that the UK fully understands and supports the need for transformation in SA business and through continued engagement, hopes to further enhance our trade relationship. In light of this goal Mr. Casey urged even greater involvement from business and assured the audience that a great relationship remains at the heart of British policy as well as any Brexit strategies going forward.


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