Aug-2017 Reception: HMS Protector, Royal Navy Ice-breaker

Event date: 24 August 2017

Fancy spending the summer season in Antarctica? A privileged few have this opportunity. They include scientists, an ever-increasing number of polar tourists, and the crew of the HMS Protector. The Royal Navy’s only ice patrol ship, HMS Protector, hosted members and their partners for a Chamber reception with a difference. The ice-breaker was spending a maintenance period at Cape Town Commercial Dock in preparation for departure to the Antarctic. Commander Simon Bodman and his crew chatted with guests about the ship’s role in carrying out survey and scientific work, particularly around the Antarctic peninsula. British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean includes South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the Falklands, and British Antarctic Territory. Guests were treated to a brief talk by the HMS Commander, followed by a tour of the ship. The event ended with the ‘ceremonial sunset’, with British Consul-General Ed Roman taking the salute.

Thank you both for last evening’s reception. It was a unique opportunity and experience and we feel very privileged to have met committed men and women whose service is commendable and were an exemplar showcase of the excellency of the Navy’s ethos, training and reputation.

Claudia Pizzocri, Eisenberg & Associates



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